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Safety First: A Reality-Based Approach to Teens, Drugs, and Drug Education -

Hey Terra- -  – includes letters from teens and parents, Parent Forum articles past and present, information about Annie’s books, and workshops/seminars.

The InSite - – created especially for teens who have ever thought about making a difference. The InSite provides teens with the information, the inspiration, and many possible game plans so they can take charge of their choices and their lives.

Alateen - 925-932-6770 - Teen support and education for drug or alcohol problems. Alateen is confidential and based on the principles of Alanon with a special orientation for youth.

Search Institute - - To learn more about how to build 40 protective factors into your teens and for more information on the 40 Developmental Assets.

Alcohol Education Project - - the purpose is to better inform students, faculty and staff in higher education and secondary school settings nationwide about alcohol and other drugs and related social norms and address problems of abuse.

Contra Costa Health Services - - The mission of the Contra Costa County Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Board is to assess family and community needs regarding treatment and prevention of alcohol and drug abuse problems - - This website is dedicated to promoting physician and community action on alcohol and health.

Cyber Bullying in the digital age -  - How to protect yourself from cyber bullying - what you need to know. - 
- A Student’s Guide to Recognizing and Reporting Cyber Crime

CDC - - National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Videos Available
Want to know more about "Party Drugs"? John Vigallon, Substance Abuse Counselor for the Fremont Police Department and executive director for HELP (Help Educate Loving Parents) gave a very informative presentation at Las Lomas.

Ralph Cantor speaks on Marijuana – Ralph gives a candid, non-judgmental explanation of the latest brain development research around addiction, specifically as it relates to marijuana.  This video is available in the Las Lomas Career/College Center.

Reading Recommendations
Dr. Michael Riera is a best selling author on the issues of adolescence, families and parenting. His books include:

Staying Connected to Your Teenager -  A Field Guide to the American Teenager
Right from Wrong: Instilling a Sense of Integrity in Our Children
Uncommon Sense for Parents With Teenagers
Surviving High School

Additional recommended reading
Marijuana: What's a Parent to Believe? (The Informed Parent)
Author: MD Timmen L. Cermak

The Primal Teen What the New Discoveries about the Teenage Brain Tell Us about Our Kids
Author: Barbara Strauch

Letting Go A Parents Guide to Understanding the College Years
Author: Coburn and Treger

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DMV Teen Driver Website

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