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Supporting the Performing Arts: New "Coupon Book" Fundraiser

Las Lomas Performing Arts Foundation (PAF) is the supporting organization for instrumental music, theater arts, and vocal music at Las Lomas High School.  We are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) under the Internal Revenue Code. 

We are creating a new Coupon Book with the dual purpose of reaching out and connecting Las Lomas Performing Arts with the greater Walnut Creek and Bay Area entertainment business community, as well as raising money to support, strengthen and expand the Las Lomas High School’s performing arts programs.  

If you are visiting this page, we invite you to become a participant in this endeavor.  The finished product will be sold at the Las Lomas registration day in August 2013 potentially reaching 1,500 students and their families. We are requesting a donation of just $50 for each business participant. 

Complete information is contained in this Invitation to Participate including the Participation Form.

For more information about the Coupon Book, contact:

Ellen Osmundson (925) 890-4276
Mary Williams (510) 847-9187

Visit our Twitter page and see who is participating!
Coupon Book Project

Ellen Osmundson
(925) 890-4276

Mary Williams
(510) 847-9187