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Farm Fresh to You! 

Las Lomas High School PTSA has partnered with Farm Fresh to You! 

PTSA will earn 10% on every order when you add the promo code "LASLOMAS" to your account. Farm Fresh to You is an organic produce and curated product delivery service. After you choose your box type, you can customize each order. 10% of each order will be dontated the PTSA. Have you been wanting to try it or already a customer? Please see the attached flyer or links below to sign up with our LASLOMAS code today! New customers start here: Already have an account? You can add the promotion to an existing account by using this link:

Help Las Lomas get a Digital Marquee!

Las Lomas is the only school in our district without one and the PTSA and administration agree we need one! 


The marquee will keep students informed of things like: academic updates (PSAT/SATs, Finals, AP Exams, etc.); schedule updates (holidays & breaks); sports (game schedules, highlights, etc.); and social events (clubs, dances, etc.). A marquee will also provide PTSA with ongoing revenue to support our programs through selling special greetings and ad space. 


This is a large expense and while we are planning to use some of our reserves, we have committed to fundraise at least half of the $45k cost before even placing the order. We are actively seeking both general donors as well as corporate sponsorships & future advertisers. Las Lomas High School PTSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Our tax ID number is 94-2787423. 

Donate to our digital marquee fundraiser at or use the QR code:

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