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Knights Gala FAQ

Junior Prom and Senior Ball will be combined to one event moving forward. This formal event is limited to Juniors and Seniors at Las Lomas and their guests.

DATE: Saturday, April 20, 2024, 6:30 pm – 10:30pm
TICKET PRICE: $125 LLHS Class of 24 or 25 ticket or $135 guest ticket (Print your non-LLHS Guest Pass HERE)

Round trip bus transportation will be provided, no private transportation permitted

What is the Knights Gala?

This event is the singular spring formal for the Junior and Senior classes. It will be held at the Scottish Rite Center on Saturday, April 20, 2024.


Who can attend the Knights Gala?

The primary attendees of this event are currently enrolled Juniors and Seniors at Las Lomas High School. Each student that attends from the Class of 2024 or 2025 is entitled to one guest who can be an underclassman at Las Lomas High School or from another high school with the permission of that guest’s administrator. 

Print your non-LLHS Guest Pass HERE


Do you need a date to attend the Knights Gala?

The short and sweet answer is: No!


You want to have a great time at prom, so you should attend with whomever you’re most comfortable with and enjoy being around. If that means going with a group of your besties, then do it. If your high school sweetheart asked you with an amazing promposal and you can’t wait to get all dressed up and attend together, then do it. Bottom line - do what makes you happy! 


Why were Junior Prom and Senior Ball combined?

Prior administration decided to combine the Junior Prom and Senior Ball for multiple reasons of which we are not completely privy. That said, with the combined events the students will enjoy a lot more with their ticket price and the ticket price will be less expensive than in years past. We hope that the parent community will embrace this change and focus on the positives, so the kids get excited about the event.


How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for Las Lomas Juniors and Seniors are $125. Tickets for any guests who are not in the Junior or Senior class at Las Lomas High School will be $135.


What is included in the ticket cost?

Transportation, dinner and non-alcoholic drinks, dessert, DJ’d music and dancing, casino games, photography.


Where do I buy tickets?

Tickets are available on the Las Lomas Webstore under “Gala” until 3pm on Thursday, March 28, 2024. ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS will be offered.


Steps: select ticket first, choose grade or non-LL student from the drop-down menu, then click

“add to cart” under your student’s name. If you will be with a guest, please be sure to include the guest’s name when ordering tickets. 

What if a student cannot afford the ticket cost?

If a student is unable to pay the $125 ticket cost he/she needs to contact their LL academic counselor. We will do our best to ensure we can make this event affordable for everyone who would like to attend. Please note, that financial accommodation is not guaranteed and will only be considered for students in the classes of 2024 and 2025 currently enrolled at Las Lomas High School.


How can I help other students attend if they cannot afford a ticket?

If you have the means and would like to help another Junior or Senior student at Las Lomas attend the Gala who otherwise may not be able to due to financial constraints, please email either Heather Stead (Senior Lead PA) at, or Susie Mendelssohn (Junior Lead PA) at All financial contributions are welcomed and sincerely appreciated. 


What form of transportation is provided?

We have chartered luxury coaches for this event which are covered by AUHSD insurance. All buses have bathrooms should a student require one.


Does my student have to use the school-provided transportation?

Yes. All students are required to ride on the district-approved and school-provided transportation. If there is a reason your student may not be able to ride on the set transportation, please communicate with Principal Thorner to discuss options.

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